Conservation Projects


The Coyote Flats – Coyote Flats is in the works as well. We could do it like last year as a part of a club outing or designate a weekend and camp out up there rather than drive in, drive out, in a day. We could do both, having some people camp out who want to fish the upper Baker Creek drainage and combine efforts on Saturday for a work session with drive-in help from the club outing. This is once again 4-wheel drive access. Del would like us to repeat our transects as well as repeat some photos of the meadows on the way in that we did not have time to do last year

The Piute Cutthroat/White Mountain Revisit – Most important of our projects is the Cottonwood/Tres Plumas drainage and the monitoring of Piute Cutthroats in the White Mountains. The North Fork of Cottonwood Creek is working very well as a safe impound for the Piute Cuts unlike efforts up in the Carson Drainage at Silver Creek which has suffered habitat damage due to the extreme winters recently. The White Mountains may well prove out to be a better place for these fish then their native home range over on the Sierras. Cabin Creek is another White Mountain drainage just to the north of Tres Plumas. Piutes were put in there as well and have not been monitored as frequently as Cottonwood. Del would like us to go visit them this summer. The problem with the White Mountains is that they are primitive and hard to get to. The Tres Plumas/Cottonwood drainage can be driven to by 4-wheel drive and is a magic place in desert mountains. There is a hardy group of us that have been going up there in the past. I would like to see more people get involved here. You don’t know what you are missing. Traditionally we schedule this trip for the end of August and that will most likely be the case this year. The Cabin Creek effort may take place the same time if we can put it together.

The Pickel Meadows Project – Frank Emerson of the Pasadena Flyfishers has planned a work day at Pickel Meadows on the West Walker River for September 12th. This is just north of Bridgeport off Highway 395, a few miles on the Sonora Pass Road. Last summer there were several work days done here (including the Santa Barbara Flyfishers) to aid in the recovery of this valuable resource from decades of poor grazing practices and the devastation of the floods of January 97′. Frank has promised a light work day with plenty of time to sneak away upstream into Poore Meadows for some fishing. If your interested contact Frank directly at 818-846-6597.

The Golden Trout Wilderness – A stroll into the Golden Trout Wilderness is in order for some time in September. There are many remaining repeat photo projects that have to be done. Volcano Meadow is the most pressing. This is a multi-night backpack trip. We made the contact of some volunteer stock packers last trip. They could be talked into helping us out. It could be comfortable time at Tunnel Station if we can work out details.

If your interested in participating in any of these projects please contact Lew Riffle at 967-9861.