Rod Building

Resources for Beginning Rod Builders



  1. rod blank
  2. reel seat
  3. cork grip
  4. winding check
  5. guide set, tip top & hookkeeper
  6. tip top cement
  7. epoxy
  8. thread
  9. rod wrap finish
  10. brushes

(or buy a complete kit)

In addition to the components rod builders use a rod wrapper, thread tensioner, rod dryer and tools for cutting thread, burnishing, a pick, etc. Tools specifically for rod building can be purchased. It is possible to use some tools from fishing or tying (nippers, scissors, etc.) Rods have been built using a cardboard box with V’s cut in as a wrapper and a book can be used to tension thread.You can find complete component kits for under $50.00. Some sources for components and tools are listed below.

Learning Links:

Graphite Rod Building
A twelve part series that covers everything from choosing a blank to signing and finishing your rod. Even shows how to use a cardboard box as a wrapper. By Al Campbell

More Rod Building
Additional resources.